Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i'm slacking. shawry

i am feeling the aftermaths of Tabaski. meaning i am eating sheep intestines. not only the intestines, but everything that you would think people don't truly want to eat. senegalese are big on tradition, so i could ask why the heck do you eat the bladder of a sheep? they would say "d'habitude de faire ca" which means thats just the way it is. ah ok well great. sheep stomach for dinner it is.

i finally got my motorcycle ride through the city of dakar. i felt like i was on the nimbus 2000 but my friend who i was with, modou, probably wouldnt have understood the reference so i just smiled a lot and kept it to myself. but we flew down the corniche and my hair was whipping around and the lights were just little flicks in the corner of my eyes and the ocean was right next to us and i dont think i will ever top that ride.

dad should be home from mecca any day and boy are we preparing for it. we have a tower of soda ready to go, bags and bags of rice, two HUGE bottles of oil, huge bags of onions and all les choses comme ca. it looks like december 31, 1999 if you get the joke there.

we have a thanksgiving party coming up which we are all really excited about. i asked cherif if he was going because all the students at suffolk are invited, he said no way it would be boring and i told him he was crazy and thanksgiving is so fun! but then he said ok fine explain it....ok so maybe its bizarre. i told him i understood his point and i walked away in defeat. i figure i could have explained it was a time to be with family and think about all the things you were thankful for, but in the shadow of tabaski i figured i will let him win that argument.

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  1. So good to hear from you my daughter! We will miss you for Thanksgiving--and Abby too!--but we are excited to see you soon.
    P.S. It's 61 degrees here today. I wore a short-sleeved shirt to school today....but then again maybe I had my first ever hot flash.