Tuesday, November 2, 2010

so many things

so sorry about the delay as usual....we had a four day weekend so i didn't get a chance to write.
so many things happened this weekend and my head is full of thoughts.

friday:  suffolk threw a pool party for halloween at this club type place on friday night. halloween is funny here because a.) i totally forgot it was happening and b.) its like 90 degrees still so its not like you are walking around on crisp leaves and a frosty ground. you just sweat through whatever you wear. but anyways, a ton of people went to this party and all the toubabs wore clothes for a pool party so things like swimming trunks for the guys and all the girls wore our swimsuits under dresses and just casual clothes. whoops. all the suffolk students took the party very seriously and wore legit costumes and looked awesome. if they werent wearing costumes they looked super fresh and we looked like idiots. but it was fine because cherif threw me in the pool anyways so my everything i had was soaking. it turned out to be SO MUCH FUN. we just played in the pool for hours and ate good food and talked to people and everything was wonderful. school parties here are so far from lame and they are my favorite. a few of us went to a friends house after wards and we watched mtv....i forgot about that kind of thing but we ended coming home at 7am. it was awkward and bright outside. heheheh happy halloween!

it was our friend emma's birthday on friday so on satruday we went sea kayaking!! it was perfect. senegal is awesome too because they had a pile of life jackets but we didnt actually have to wear them and everyone knows that life jackets ruin a perfectly good tan line. so we paddled on the ocean for a good hour and it was sunny and warm but the water was cool so again-perfection.

another halloween party. this time it was on the roof of a student who also lives in ouakam. we grilled fish listened to music and had a great time mingling more senegalese with american folk. i'm telling you, every casual party here always turns out to be so much more fun than you ever thought it would . it wasnt like anything super exciting happened, it was more just being with people that you like so much that made it so fun.

hey ps. i live in a muslim family. did you know that? cool because WOW. so i wake up on monday around 930 and i hear a ton of people in my house. i planned to get up but i didnt really feel like being made fun of for my lack of wolof so i fell back asleep only to wake up at 1130. bad idea. i put on this simple cotton dress i love and walk out the door. ohhhhh boy. between the jaay fondees and praying men you cant move anywhere. i go find my mom and she looks at me. doesnt say hi. just looks and then grabs this skirt off the clothesline and wraps it around my waste and then pushes me away. partially my fault because i forgot that my bare shins are a cesspool of sinful lust. good morning to you too family. oh also. this party is happening because my dad left for mecca today for a month. it was his goodbye party. so i make my rounds, get accused for not being culturally sensitive because i dont know every word in wolof, get a few marriage offers, asked about my nose ring, told how ugly it is and then go hang out with the kids who for the most part dont care if i cant speak wolof. people ended staying at my house until at least midnight. it was unbelievable. everyone ate lunch and dinner there too. i have never seen so many bowls of ceebu jen in my life. but it was tasty and then we drank ginger juice. YUM everything was yum.

so it was a busy weekend. and now carlos is in mecca and i miss him. but its just going to be the ndoye women for the next month....party on garth.


  1. So I would like to go to a party....dang youre having a blast!! sweeet!

  2. yeah sarah. careful with those shins of yours.