Tuesday, August 24, 2010

guard those pockets.

my brain is fried/jello/pudding/what ever else consists of a gel like substance.

we had security orientation.
stories consisted of machetes, robberies, jail and scams. no big deal right?

we had our first wolof class today. here are some examples of what i learned:

q: naka nga fanaane?
a: jamm rekk

q:sa yaram jamm?
a: jamm rekk alxamdulilaay

q: naka waa ker gi?
a: nungi fi

one of the best parts of learning today was that we were taught the language in french. so that meant we had to translate from wolof to french to english. it made french pretty easy to understand actually because that is something i pretty comfortable with; however, my brain hurts something serious.
but everyone we meet is really excited to talk to us in wolof and very encouraging so that is fantastic.

we had wolof for about 2 1/2 hours and then a quick lunch break and then more language except this time it was a french placement exam. no big deal it's just like having the biggest french final of your life after a whole summer of not studying it. cool. i think i did well though. i talked about how the clintons now live in new york. my professor thought it was neato.

a few of us then went on a little beach trip to relax. we all felt like zombies that just got hit by a car rapide.

here is what our backyard looks like 

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  1. You are amazing! This is such an awesome time in your life. I hope you get to see your african bro....
    Da ma la nope,ba beneen!