Sunday, August 22, 2010


here is what has happened since i left you lovelies.

had one of those hazardous airport moments when everything seems like it is running out of time and it is just plain scary.
met people on the plane
people are nice. but it's still those awkard freshman year try to be friends with everyone and see who you actually could be friends with in 2 weeks.

so we begin our "final descent" (also apparently africa doesnt deserve good planes because the headphone jacks were missing and there was caution tape wrapped around one of the arm rests.) so we are descending and the turbulence is out of control. i have never experienced anything like it and it would have been so fun except i started feeling super nauseous and then i started sweating and my hair was so hot on my head i wanted to shave it off (i literally thought of pedro from napoleon dynamite) what ended up happening was i vommed into my halfway eaten bag of quaker mini rice cakes. i tried to do it really inconspicuously because ciee boy was 2 seats away from me. needless to say it was narsty. and ps who the heck gets plane sick SO LAME

the senegalese folk seem to be really nice so far. we are in the dorms for the week and there is this security guard named samba who is teaching us some wolof. super hard. its also almost sunrise i have no idea whats going on because we dont know if we should sleep or eat breakfast and then sleep I LITERALLY DID NOT SLEEP FOR 1 MINUTE ON THE PLANE . i am a walking zombie with an air of puke.

also WEIRD that we have wi-fi in the dorm because hope college doesnt even have that.

love you all


  1. Sarah Helen!!!!
    Love that you set up a blog!!! So sad for you about the barfing. Senegal will not be the same since you arrived. Praying for you, brave girl. Embrace your sweat.
    Love, Aunt Di

  2. Hey lovely,
    Soooo fun to skype with you yesterday. Enjoy that a.c. while you have it. Love you!

  3. What do you Holbrook girls have against capital letters? And your mom is an English teacher.

    Good luck and good to hear from you.

    Uncle Dave

  4. Sarah helen. Thee adventures have just begun and i get to be on board!!! sweeeet..wish i coulda held your long locks back as you barfed. meh it gets better kid!