Thursday, August 26, 2010

who wouldn't want to eat that

last night my roomie (lol *~ 143*~ xoxox) and i fell asleep watching the fourth kind. it's some kind of alien terrifying mind freak movie. bad idea because i woke up at 7 this morning anticipating a lovely run through the bustling streets of dakar. i blame jet lag and the freak movie for the reasons behind me slamming down the snooze button.

today was a pretty chill day for half of us. we had our second wolof class. don't worry it was just as confusing as the first one but at least now i know how to say i am constipated (dama seere) or i have diarrhea (sama biirdafay daw). awesome.  we studied a dialogue between a taxi driver and a student so that we can learn how to bargain when we take them. (basically what i will be doing is bringing this sheet of paper into every taxi and telling the driver to "please follow the script"

after wolof we registered for classes. much more simple than hope because we only have 7 classes to choose from. i will be taking:
gender and development (english)
advanced french 1 (french)
reglement de crises ("crisis management" in french)
societe et culture senegal (french)
wolof (wolof hehe)

i'm super excited for these and i think they will be really great.
the word "really" in wolof sounds like chee diggy diggy but insanely fast

there were torrential rains for all of 10 minutes today but the whole town flooded (or so we thought) but it dried in about 2 hours. the drainage systems here are nonexistent so people were wading through puddles that went up to their knees.

later we went swimming and realized that malaria pills make us burn.

i found out a little about my family tonight-- my dad's name is carlos (no he is not spanish whatsoever) and my mom's name is mbengue. i will have one sister who is 24 and they are muslim with a lot of friends. that is all i know. i'm not that excited about having only one sister it at the moment just cause everyone else has huge families and that was the only request i had for my housing card. but hey who knows it could be awesome.

i got proposed to tonight so that was flattering. actually, it's not that different from hope college.
here was our dinner:


  1. ...just wanted you to know that Dad and I are preparing your dowry. We've got a couple deer roaming in the back yard...could we use those instead of goats?

  2. Oh yum, Sarah. A tasty grilled fish meal, complete with roasted potatoes and a crusty baguette. How different is that from what I've fed you? Should we be throwing in you bike for the dowry? That should fetch you an awesome mate! Keep up with that wolof, sounds like you are doing great. Love, Gma BE