Thursday, October 28, 2010

last night was just full of intimidating folk chez ndoye. (chez ndoye means the ndoye household)

every wednesday a few of us students go to a school in ouakam to work with a big group of young girls after they get out of school. we do art, play games, work on public speaking, writing and things like that. we are working on trying to help these girls become strong, confident and awesome young women. in the Senegalese school systems, participation is not part of school. the teacher does most/all of the talking therefore, a lot of students, mostly girls are terrified of speaking up or getting in front of groups. its fun to help them be brave and realize that its not so hard to speak up.
soooo i get hope from citfem as it is called and i am later than usual but its only like 730pm or so. there is a woman in the back who is i think my great aunt. i have it under good authority that all african women over 60 are terrifying. beautiful and awesome, but terrifying. she says rokaya ca va? and then "why were so late today?" and i told her i was working with an ngo and i walked home so i was a little late today. she then proceeds to ask me what i did with the girls and how that made me late....uhh cool. i find myself having to explain myself a lot here, i cant do that well in english let alone french. later on she said, "rokaya, i'm thirsty." and when i didnt understand that i was supposed to go fill up her water bottle for her she was not happy with me.
then....i met the REAL rokaya ndoye. she is my dad's sister. i had no idea she existed. but she comes in and she asks my name and it goes like this:
naka nga tudd? (what is your name?)
-maangi tudd rokaya ndoye (my name is rokaya ndoye-this is me talking)
-deedeet maangi tudd rokaya ndoye (no, my name is rokaya ndoye)
je suis le deuxieme rokaya? ( i am the second rokaya)

i get a little laugh out of that so that was good but then my mom was like yes youre the second but youre much prettier than her, she's old and youre young and beautiful.
...i think the real rokaya hates me. thanks mom.

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