Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i just poured my sheep soup (dinner) into our pet sheep's bowl thing (i ate by myself so i snuck outside to do so). technically i think that's canibalism but also i am annoyed at sheep for tasting so bad so i think its ok.

tomorrow is our last day of class. it's insane. my last class of wolof ever. that is actually sad for me.
soppnaa jang ci wolof
soppnaa bind ci wolof
soppnaa wax ci wolof

soppnaa soppnaa soppnaa

also there is this huge arts festival that senegal is having which is cool but also annoying. the power goes out a million times more than it did before and there are rumors that its because of this festival. in theory the festival is cool but i think wade should start taking care of his people first and then put on a festival after everyone gets some food and clean water that will bankrupt the country even more.

so as to not end this post on a mauvais note....i found out that carlos's real name is gorgui and that he was born in 1955 and that he is named carlos because he like carlos santana. duh.


  1. Well, that explains it. He must be the only Carlos in Ghana. And if that sheep is dumb enough to eat its own kind, so be it.

  2. thanks mom. glad you have been keeping track of me.

  3. Now I'm wondering...where did I send all that cash and those gifts?