Monday, December 13, 2010

weddings and wolof

so bineta got engaged yesterday.

i was in my room studying for wolof last night around 10 and my niece Dior comes in and says "binetas getting married." i was just like um WHAT because i have literally never seen her and her boyfriend (who is awesome so it doesnt really make sense) touch or make eye contact for more than 37 seconds.
but anyway i run out of my room and into our living room and just yell really obnoxiously how happy i am and i run up and give her a hug. mind you all the terrifying women of ouakam are in there and see this but i didnt really care, and bineta actually looked really happy and stood up and hugged me so that was nice.
so then my mom says some things about god and marriage and mohammad (finace) and i just smile and nod and then she says oh and its on friday. cool. this is ironic because nothing ever happens quickly in senegal except for binetas marriage apparently.
but the reception isnt until two months from now so i'll miss the fun unfortunately.


(come on hilary)

also i just took my wolof exam and i ended up getting really annoyed at my prof for being a jerk so i dont think i passed.

c'est la vie


  1. i'm offended by your insinuation. be like derek...middle child gets married first. hurry up now.

  2. must be nice :-) I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU SARAH!!!!!

  3. sari you are a gem.
    i cant wait to hear you speak wolof in person