Thursday, December 2, 2010

meat mound

so i did it again.
we were eating dinner the other night and my yaay decided it was a good idea to have cartilage for dinner. no joke. sheep cartilage.
here is a fact: you cant chew cartilage with your tooth nor can you cut it with a knife; therefore it should not be consumed (in my opinion)
luckily for me, the power was out so i would casually bring my hand up to my mouth and spit out the cartilage and put it between my feet. hence the title meat mound. i got up and just cupped my hands together (with the meat) and said merci beaucoup neexna!! and just looked like i was cheering. whoops.

last night natalie and i went downtown (on a school night what up!!) with 2 of our friends and that was a good time. at point she burped my name on accident instead of just speaking like a human. then she slept over and watched glee. it's the little things you know?

oh and also centre ville (downtown) is decorated for christmas. really its just one little store front but regardless.....they have christmas lights.

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  1. these are the days where congratulatory hand expressions come in handy.