Thursday, October 14, 2010

duh innernet

so internet is not working on the little ole mac so this weekend i will most likely be absent.
dont worry i will still take my malaria pillz.

i had a wolof exam today. i studied for the first time and now i feel like i am actually a bit more decent at wolof and thats nice because oh wait thats what everyone speaks here. way to be culturally sensitive sarah.

also here is you senegal story of the day:
my friend katlyn sent me a package (bless her soul she is beautiful)
so my friend aileen agrees to go get it with me because we all know being alone downtown is not your best idea
so we snag a cab he says he knows where the post office is (mind you there are three downtown) and he drops us off at la poste finances. we say no this is incorrect. but also we dont actually know where the other one is so we cant tell him how to get there so we get out.
we go inside and ask and they say oh yeah its just around the corner!
cool! or so we naive little girls think because we get there and have an extended conversation about the name of the post office with this guy who is just very unhelpful. we leave and end up meeting these two baye fall (hippie-ish sect of islam) who help us find it. one walks us all the way to the poste which we think is the right one. he is being especially friendly but not too weird and then we finally get to the "right one" but no its the wrong one again and so he walks with us a little ways more and finally we make it to these doors that are singing to us. we walk in and they look at us like we are idiots and then say they are closed. we are hot sweaty and very annoyed. but our new friend just says ehh just come back tomorrow. cool because i love spending money on taxis to get here. and then he happily says bye and bonne journee which is nice because he didnt ask for money and so he gets an A+ in our "senegalese male encounters" book.

and that was that. still no package but its in dakar and so am i and i will have that box.
good day to you all

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