Tuesday, October 12, 2010

maybe an average day?

today i finished a 5 page paper. let me tell you, africa has messed with my mind. I was acting like a 5 year old all day complaining about how i had nothing to write about, i didnt like my topic, the whole paper is too broad anyway blablabla. i am in for a SICK reality check when i go back to hope. also this is my only paper until finals. hehe whoops.

also i got letters today from 2 lovely women: kate davelaar and amandalbarnett. they were lovely and they made me smile from oreille to oreille.

but yeah other than that....it really was an average day.
i presented my family tree in wolof (i pretended everyone on the bast side was a teacher because i didnt know how to say the other professions like uncle mike for example....i cant even say his profession in english)
i got jipped 25cfa on the car rapide but i was too tired to fight for it (its about 5 cents)
some more old women got mad at me for who knows what
there was a mini flash flood
and i finished a jar of applesauce.

also my glands are feeling better so thats nice. but i had a dream my friend here thomas was selling all the ciee students as slaves and i woke up sweating and i think my glands reacted to that in a negative fashion.


  1. hahahaha about the family tree.

  2. hey send me your address. I would like to send you some mail too! for real.

  3. I agree with Katherine...haha on the family tree! I could never begin to explain what Mike and Cheryl do!