Monday, October 11, 2010

get on the waiting list dude

today is a sick day.
i woke up with swollen glands and i am pretty sure a fever but it's hard to tell when you are sweating all the time anyways. my yaay swears it is the climate change from mbour to dakar....i said maybe but we all know your glands dont swell just because you travel 60km away from your home. thanks anyways woman.
being sick in africa is simply not enjoyable let me tell you.

on a lighter note...last night the family tailor came over with my uncle ousseynou and they were both fairly drunk so they were very chatty with me. the tailor started talking in wolof and ousseynou translated for me into french that he wants me to marry him. i laughed and said oh no thank you. the tailor says that i have to. i say no i dont. my mom says "why wont you marry him? whats wrong with him?" (thanks for the help ma) and i say he is too old for me. wrong answer. he FLIPS OUT and is literally angry with me and says he is only 26 and the reason i wont marry him is because i dont like "the blacks." cool yeah lets have that conversation because that makes sense. i told him it wasnt because of that and i do in fact love what he calls "the blacks. " it was such a stupid conversation but the key is to not get annoyed. i told him i have a long list of men who want to marry me and it wouldnt be fair to him. then my dad asked me how many and i jokingly said 18. again wrong answer. i got a lecture on how i am here to learn and study not for romance. cool because now things are getting awkward. anyways...i finished by telling the tailor i simply love another. he asked who it was, i said none of your business and then he left in a cloud of anger.
then my dad looks at me and says in wolof "he left because of her" thanks dad. i actually understood that sentence. go get yourself a new tailor.


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  1. hahahaha did you at least get a new outfit from the tailor> LOL
    stay away from boys