Friday, September 10, 2010


i'm not sure if i will make it back.

ramadan is officially over (thanks to someone figuring out where the moon is) so people are eating again and they are happy; however, i ate breakfast today and it wasnt a baguette. try to picture a baby's spit up in a huge bowl that has lumps of something not chewy but not soft and not crunchy. just lumps of goo.
let me go back to this spit up part. i think it might actually be hot yogurt. i don't know. but my insides feel weird.

on a lighter note today is a huge celebration so everyone is dressed in traditional muslim/senegalese clothing and it looks like a paint can exploded over the city because there are beautiful colors EVERYWHERE
we are eating well today (at least that is what i hear but you never know with the ndoye family) but i did see some dead chickens in our backyard this morning so im assuming i will get poultry PTL

i persuaded a man last night that i was a princess and my name was pam and i am touring senegal. he was ecstatic and i got a good laugh out of it. 


  1. You are lovely and wonderful and make me smile.

  2. bahahaha i want to play princess with you in a foreign land. i should have done that in mexico. today one of the residents told me he felt nude without me. i wasn't sure how to interpret that. like i make him feel clothed? or what?
    let me tell you, this job is never boring. i have so many stories for you...