Monday, September 6, 2010

what is whole wheat anyway

today i bought whole wheat cookies. i have not had anything whole wheat since i've been here (blabla for all those people who say it should really be whole grain because that is what's actually good for you. i see wheat. i eat the wheat.)

ok so back track to friday, our first weekend on our own. a group of us decided to go to la plage verage which is a beach just outside of ouakam. i felt like a little kid because we were all so entranced by the waves and we kept making up new games to play while we were in the ocean. also there were a TON of surfers, mainly french, mainly beautiful.
the beach is where i got that sunburn i was telling you about. oooh ouch. i get home and everyone laughed at me and carlos just kept saying my visage was tres rouge. it was painful and nobody understood it.

so then on saturday our ciee group went to l'ile de goree which is a tiny island off the coast of dakar. we took a ferry to get there and it was called "beer." what a riot.
goree served as a "market" for the slave trade. we went inside these tiny cells where people were held and heard way too many sad and horrible stories about what went on there. now it is this beautiful tropical island where a lot of europeans come for vacation with bright yellows and blues and reds. it's pretty ironic that it's the place to go if you want to buy souvenirs of africa because years ago you were buying people instead of bracelets.

also happy birthday to my leetle babee brother who is 17 now. ready for real life.

saturday night we ventured to a discotheque. SUPER FUN
it was called le patio and there were a ton of french military men there. (as well as a woman from liberia named joyce who liked to talk to me a little too much) we danced the night away and the dj played christina aguillera's geenie in a bottle. also weird thing about senegalese clubs: there are mirrors along all the walls and people stand in front of the mirrors watching themselves dance instead of dancing with people. hey i'm totally fine with that as long as i get my space to groove.

i can't believe it's already september. i miss fall a little bit. actually a lot. because i still sweat 24/7.

oh also for dinner we ate at our director's house. she lives in ouakam and is married to a senegalaise guy named papice. they have a son named bubacar and we had SALAD FOR DINNER. hi my name is sarah and i am the happiest of all.

its thunderstorming right now. praise the lord for real.


    (danced in front of the mirror and watched himself)

    je te manque. so badly.

  2. Never mind all your adventures...may I just say how pleased I am to see that period inside the quotation marks.

  3. But we're still missing those capital letters...