Tuesday, September 7, 2010


this is a shop on goree island. nice colors don't you think?

last night i came home after school and we had our pre dinner tea. it was strange because everything was happening a lot faster than usual and we were all huddled around the doorway to the house. apparently its totally normal to drink scalding hot tea in 30 seconds because they threw back tea like it was nobody's business.
then we all ate dinner in the hallway. again, sometimes i wonder if it ever occurs to my family to explain certain things to me. literally we were on the floor of the hallway eating gumbo. blehhhh. let me explain this so called gumbo to you. i'm pretty sure there was ham in it and there are fishbones everywhere and it tastes a little like old meat. also there was a random fish head in the mix but it was so dark i could barely see it.

today i switched into a class called public health. i'm so excited for it and we get to go on a 3 day field trip into a rural area later on in the semester.

life is good, the sun is hot, the bus is stinky, the people are lovely and i still can't speak wolof.

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  1. Sorry I didn't check your blog in a while. I have asked Mafoday what he would suggest for a visit to gambia. I am must positive he will say it is the best thing for you to do on a break. I'll get back with you.