Saturday, September 4, 2010


internet here is insane so i haven't been able to post but just know this.
i got my first african sunburn. try explaining that in french.

also i got splashed by a truck and i am covered in mud when i come home and carlos says "ce n'est pas grave" basically "no big deal." ....thanks pop

i got yelled at on the car rapide today by an old angry muslim woman because i was staring at a baby too long. if you stare it means evil spirits will bring harm. obviously. my bad.


  1. In addition to staring, don't EVER try to take a photo, even with your camera. You will fer shur be sucking the soul right out of someone. Just a little lore I picked up in Jerusalem. Gma

  2. hi Sarah,
    Your Mom is sitting here helping me figure out how i can send you my love and tell you how much I love your writing. G'ma H.