Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the little princess

today i had coffee paste. totally normal. let me explain except that there is not much to explain here. anyways, i was running late for school because i walked today and it takes about an hour so whoops. every morning my mom puts out breakfast for me and i love her for that but she doesn't take in to account my time of departure so i try to look really busy in the morning but actually i am just changing directions to see if there is breakfast on the table yet. so i'm running late, breakfast is finally on the table but i have to leave the house. so i put two huge spoonfils of nescafe in my cup with a lump of sugar and some classy powdered milk. turns out there is barely any hot water left. so i put in maybe 1/4 cup and then mix it up. needless to say it wasnt quite the smooth velvety consistency i am used to in my morning cup of instant coffee. it looked like tar. and i drank it all. at this point i thought it would be really helpful to have some mirrors in the house seeing as i probably had bits of coffee powder in my teeth.

yesterday when i came home from school a little guy named sexna (in wolof the letter x is pronounced with a hacking noise in the back of your throat so his name sounds like say-add a hack- na not sex-na) was over. he's like 5 or 6 i think and usually we get along fabulously. but yesterday i came in said hi and then ruffled his hair (i dont know what word to use here because he really doesnt have any so just think of it as the action of a ruffle). he got super pissed and said in french "are you mad?" he has never spoken to me in french before.thanks for the warm welcome child.

we had my favorite dinner (for real) last night called yaasa. OH SO GOOD. it's the one with onions and peppers and of course rice and super fatty meat. a lot of times you eat this with chicken but either someone in my family is allergic to the meat i love so dearly, they like to see me gag on fat or it's too expensive. my guess is number 2.

i took out the camera last night and sexna had a photoshoot with a wall and my hair. no joke my face never made it into a picture. but carlos came out and wanted his picture taken as did mama so those will be coming for you later. bless his soul that carlos he was just plain giddy.

also. i found out we have a maid now. she is pretty young and her name is mariam. she is super quiet and i have trouble with the idea of a maid so i am trying to adjust to that. except this is the best part. she looks EXACTLY like becky from the movie the little princess with the wispy hair and the big smile. and my name is sarah. therefore we are becky and sarah from the little princess and maybe one day we will wake up and there will be warm orange curtains draped over our beds and the walls and we will have cozy slippers on our feet and there will be muffins and sausages and orange juice on the table and we will open the door and the wind will sweep through our hair and our robes and we will hear the sitar music coming from somewhere and everything will smell good and look wonderful and we will be laughing and dancing.
....but for now i am trying to learn enough wolof to ask her how her day has been.


  1. answer from my freind Maf(see below). I asked him where his family lives. Maybe he can set up for you a visit with some locals.

    Gambia is like a mini Senegal…only difference is the we speak English so communication will a bit easier. From what I remembered while I was there Bird watching was popular with the tourist and the obvious historic site of James Island (Kunta Kinteh). Anyways they should have no problems while there.

  2. I LOVE THIS I LOVE YOU i want to wake up in that room with you so bad someday