Thursday, September 30, 2010


i did a bad thing.
but also in the long run it was really ok.

after my day with cherif (fear not i will explain that) i came home around 8 at night and i think yaay was pissed at me because i didnt tell her i would be so late ( i also didnt bother to tell her i was with a beautiful man hence the lateness) so i was served dinner alone. i was fine with it but it was french fries on a bed of fried and oily onions and that chunk of fat that has a little meat on it. so i was eating by candlelight because of course the power was out and i just thought i really cant eat this fat. i just cant do it today. so because i was alone i ran into my room, grabbed a plastic bag and being extremely stealth, put the meat in the bag, tied it and then put the meat under my bed. i brought it to school the next day and then threw it away.
sarah-1 - meat fat-0
(except actually its like sarah -1 meat fat 7)

ok so my day with cherif.
he waited for me to get out of class and then asked if i still wanted to go surfing. i said HECK YES I DO. so then he took me to his "secret" beach where he surfs with his bros all the time. and i got to meet all of them and then we drank tea and looked like a bunch of surf bums. except he took one look at the waves and said no way. the weather had been bad all day so they were pretty big and he said he would rather i not die the first time i try to surf so there was no surfing but i am alright because he said as soon as we can go we will go.
so we hung out with these friends for a little, i impressed them with my wolof and then cherif and i went for a walk along some rocks looking for sea urchins. we found some...did you know they breathe/move?? sick. they are sick. but it was cute.
then we decided to walk to the other side of this point we were on and we watched surfers and talked and talked and talked. we talked about everything. what we like to do, favorite foods, simple living, surfing, books, music everything. it was fantastic. also the sun kept hitting him at just the right angle and sometimes i think he was glowing.
we started walking home around 7ish and it was SO hot and then he randomly stopped at this boutique to get a coffee and i told him he was crazy because hello i am losing all my body's supply of water out of my pores and he said no no it doesnt matter how hot it is just think about how good the coffee is. its so good and that makes you forget how hot you are. words of wisdom i tell you. what a gem
after 4 perfect hours i went home....hid the fat under my bed and then experienced the best windstorm of my life. i went up to the roof but then i realized that the electrical wires were moving a little more than i would like them too so i went back down.

also i am leaving for fall break. so i wont be writing until next saturday/sunday/monday because we are going to a town called mbour and traveling around a bit. ok so love you all bye.

oh also this is what i wrote in my journal this morning:
"you know you probably have malaria when you find 4 mosquitoes inside your net when you wake up and they are all full of blood when you kill them"

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  1. better than a Fabio on the cover romance novel....thanks sarah helen!