Tuesday, September 21, 2010

since it's valentines day and all...

the other night i was coming home from a friends house pretty late at night so i figured the fam would be asleep when i came back. but as i got closer to my house i saw just the cutest little scene. carlos and mamma were sitting outside the front door and it looked like they were having a nice little after hours date. their chairs faced each other and their knees were almost touching. and of course...carlos had his ciggy.
it was nice and i think my parents love each other a lot. and carlos always calls mamma 'madame' and they always giggle (or hack if its mom who is laughing) together.

so maybe the next day or so i find myself at home alone with my mom and we are sitting in the hallway (but really just sitting on the floor next to the front door in the hallway...yet another reason i love this place). we talked about random things like how my eyes actually are blue and not fake, how to say colors in wolof, where the rest of her family is (morocco and spain) and things like that. then she asked me why i'm not married. ha. hope college? is it you?
i told her that for the most part 21 is a young age to be married and she said she understood and then asked me why i wasnt engaged/ in a relationship. i wanted to tell her i have a huge list going with my best friends as to why that is but i didnt know how to say 'lack of overall hygiene and femininity' in french. so i told her my other real reason which is i think i am too independent for a guy at the moment. i told her i want to travel and see the world and meet people from everywhere and wander for a while before i get married and settle down. she said that it was a good thing and that she was ok with it (thank goodness for the approval). she then said she thinks i will be just fine because i can live in senegal and i live simply so i will be able to live anywhere.
and she said the sweetest thing, "you have a spirit like the wind."

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