Thursday, September 23, 2010

surfing gnifrus

so we have finally found our language partners. good day. our partners are suffolk students who ciee (americans) students get paired with to practice speaking french wolof and english. it was a mad rush to get partners. this is literally how it happened:

eli (suffolk) students were sitting on one side of the room. ciee students were on the other side. the girl leading the group, therese, said "ok get up and find a partner. GO" cool because i felt like cattle being herded around the room but it was also exhilarating with people grabbing everyone and trying to find a partner they liked. it was the kind of thing where if you make eye contact with someone you are most likely his or her partner. so i made eye contact with this guy a few people away he held out his hand, i grabbed it and he pulled me towards the front of the room.
i am not upset.
let me tell you about cherif.
he is a former model.
he doesnt check his email that often because he is "surfing at the beach whenever he has free time" but i can call him anytime.
he speaks perfect english, so he really doesnt need me but we are still partners.
he is going for a law degree (hint to greenhouse girls)

also he is going to teach me how to surf and we are going to have our language meetings on a surfboard sometimes. 
he found an opportunity to lift up his shirt and show me the kind of scars i could potentially get. again....i was not upset.
so maybe i will learn to speak a little more french and wolof or maybe i will be a pro surfer by the time i come home.
also if you were to look up the definition of chiseled it would be: cherif diagne, sarah holbrook's language partner


  1. Wow. So now there are TWO people there who remind you of your old Uncle. Imagine that.

  2. HA. dad you think you're funny.
    and sarah, you make me laugh.

  3. Thanks for posting this blog, honey. I have been sleeping way too well because I couldn't think of anything to worry about...but I'm sure I'll be back to my old insomniac habits now.

  4. Oh sarah, never mind the french, or the wolof, or feeling at ease in the culture or any of that international let's all just get along stuff. Go with the surfing. You were born to surf.

  5. kelly and i are still giggling out loud
    we like you so much and have been advertising you to people as our funniest person we know

    misses and kisses from our office (because we work together now),

    byndi & belly

  6. warm wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

  7. Please invite me to wedding! Cathy, what ever are you worried about?