Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just another average day.

except nope. not at all.

this morning i woke up...trekked through the house to get to the bathroom and opened the door to go outside when I stumbled across our pet sheep who apparently came untied during the night. he was sitting right in front of the door, which reminded me of my dog fiona because she conveniently sits in the worst places possible. anyways i stand and look at the sheep for about two minutes and decide what to do (they have been known to ram people with their horns because they have large horns). so i decide to grab one of these large horns to coerse it away from me. nope. don't do that. it "baaad" at me and then jerked its head back. then i decided to yell wolof words at it. then french. then it worked and it stood up stretched and mozied away from the door.

good morning world .

toubab dialaw was wonderful. a perfect mini vacation with beach sun sand surf seashells sunburn and all that. we were lounging hard in hammocks and on lounge chairs that overlooked the ocean. also (plug for eco friendly living) the "hotel" we were at is run on solar power and they do a lot of conservation work with water and so on and so forth. i was a fan needless to say.

yesterday we had our first language club meeting (this is what i have my partner cherif for) and it was so fun cause a few ciee students just sat in a circle under some palm trees talking with suffolk students and balblaa it was great.
cherif lives in ouakam so he said he would go home with me (no mom, not in that way) so cherif 2 other people and myself walked home/took a car rapide. cherif and i got to talk a lot and he is not only stunningly gorgeous but he also has a great mind so COOL i am in love with my language partner.
also he has a moped. and you've got to be kidding me. he is taking me for a ride soon.
and today we are going surfing. it is my first surf lesson and we are going back to ngor to do so.
all my dreams are coming true in one day.


  1. Well, you don't have any comments, but lots of people have talked me about the sheep in the doorway, so keep on writing my dear! xoxo