Thursday, September 16, 2010

family business

what would i ever do without my loving sister hilary to make sure that i provide updates everyday. hmm

things have been pretty wonderful in the ndoye family household. i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that people are fed again and i am learning more wolof and i am not so dependent on them to tell me to do things, and i can now help around the house.
i also learned the family business. i love africa. ha. there are about 50 chairs in this little front section of our house and they are brown and plastic and flimsy and there are way too many for a family of 3 but i always just figured it was a weird quirk and my family was just really into plastic chairs. also one time i brought one up to the roof and then didn't bring it down cause i figured they wouldnt notice and then there would always be one up there for me. wrong. immediately i was asked where the chair was when i came downstairs, i told them i left it up there and mom said "well go bring it back." eek. as my brother andrew says, "well sorryyy"
so somehow at dinner the other night my mom brought up chairs and i found out that they actually rent them out to people for baptisms or festivals in the neighborhood....duh

another food story.
lately we have been eating a lot later since ramadan is over and everyone eats a huge lunch during the day. but i eat at school so i am always famished by 9pm when dinner is ready. so tuesday night i think it was, it was about 10pm with no dinner in sight. but then all of a sudden my mom brings a plate in just for me and i was like WHAT UP yes. food. it was pasta with scrambled eggs and melted cheese. and it was GOOD. no joke. i ate it all which was a bad idea cause of course i regretted it but only 17% of my body felt that regret. so then i go outside and the grill is going. and then i realized this is dinner round 2. and it was fish...all fish fish everywhere fish fish fish.
best part of the story: carlos was grilling with his bare hands. what a man. he would pick up whole fish and flip them on this small charcoal grill. there were chunks of tuna too and he had no fear. it was awesome.
and then we ate the fish. but it was also sooo good.

also i found out my mom is missing her two front teeth and when she gets tired they come out.

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